About namara

namara swim is a female-led swimwear brand boasting fashion-forward designs, sustainable fabrics, and an inclusive range of styles created for all women.

the sea, she's always calling. waving till people take notice. and the crowd, it crowds by her curves. you can't deny the sea but you can stand out. and as you stand out, you slowly realise that suddenly, the sea is not the centre of attention. you are. and you smile, knowing you've challenged the sea herself!

made for the beautiful, made for the bold. make your statement. this is namara.

Our Founders

namara swim was founded by fashion and swimwear enthusiasts Namrata Parikh and Rashi Gangwal. Surprised by the dearth of options for fun, trendy swimwear in the Indian market, the two friends (and now business partners) began the conception of namara swim. After what turned out to be a very fun and challenging journey, they are excited to make women all over India feel sexy, confident and comfortable.

Why namara?

the name namara serves two purposes. It is an obvious mesh of both our founders' names (read: nama-ra), but it also means “warrior of the sea” in Irish!

Basic Beaches